Depending on how you’ve set up your home, your carpet is usually the first thing your feet touch as you get into the premises. In most cases, the carpet will cover the living room, every inch of your bedroom, the dining area and sit at the leading edge of your bathroom and kitchen. Considering the square footage your carpet covers, there will inevitably come a time when your carpet will get stained. Here are some of the worst stains in carpet.

Worst Stains on Carpet

This article will break down some of the worst offenders in producing carpet stains. These items are typically found throughout the home and you should try to keep them away from your carpets at all costs.

Grape-Based Products

You probably already know that red wine can produce a stubborn carpet stain. What many people don’t know is that grape juice, like wine, can equally stain your carpet. The reason both of these grape-based products are detrimental to your carpet is that both products contain a dyeing agent.

CoffeeWorst Stains on Carpet

Many Americans start their morning with a cup or two of coffee. It’s no surprise, therefore, that carpets are susceptible to coffee stains as morning hours are when most of us are groggy, raising the chances for accidents to occur. Even a single spill can leave a stubborn stain on your carpet.

Pet Stains

Dogs and cats are lovely creatures. However, their stains such as urine, hair, vomiting or even poop isn’t fun. The worst thing about pet stains is the annoying smells they bring. The strong odors make it challenging to remove the stains fully, even after applying cleaning products. If you leave them for an extended period, they can even lead to major discoloration.

Facial Makeup

When you consider the fact that facial makeup products are designed specifically to alter the shade of the wearer’s skin, it goes without saying that these products can leave infinite stains on your carpet. Some of the main carpet-stain culprits to watch out for include wax-based products and lipsticks.

Tomato-Based Products

Bearing in mind that early American settlers used grapes to dye clothing, tomatoes were also used for a similar purpose. Tomato-based products such as tomato paste, tomato soup and ketchup have staying power that will leave your carpet stained red after one of these items gets spilled on your carpet.


Bleach is a powerful and very popular cleaning tool used by many to keep clothes and surfaces whiter. However, if you spill a drop of bleach on any surface that’s anything but purely white – that means rugs, colored carpets, etc. – it can result in a bad stain. As such, it’s advisable to store your bleach somewhere in a utility or kitchen closet that has tiled flooring.

Bottom Line

Even if you are super careful with your carpet, there will come a time when it will get stained and require cleaning. Dealing with the worst stains in carpet can be tough but there are several remedies to consider. Try to avoid these stains at all costs to avoid the hassle involved in handling stubborn stains such as vomit. If you’re unable to clean the carpet on your own, seek help from professional carpet cleaners.

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