Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Should I get a rug if I have carpet?” Rugs over carpeting may sound fancy especially when you’re sprucing up your home. Can you put a rug on carpet? Read on to see if this decision is a good one.

Your Personal Taste

Cleaning carpets is necessary and it is hard work especially when cleaning in high humidity and drying carpets, but decorating is easier. We all have different preferences when it comes to decorating the interior of our home, and rugs and carpeting aren’t an exception. Some like to add more variety to their homes, while others prefer to keep things down to the basics.

What now, “Should I get a rug if I have carpet?” If you’re renting a home that is pre-furnished, then it might be unwise to have the carpet changed entirely. Covering areas that show wear and tear can be a good idea, and rugs on top of carpets are definitely your go-to for an aesthetically appealing quick fix.

Area Rug Over Carpet

Using area rug on top of carpet brings a dash of color, popping up the contrast against the carpet. They also bring instant texture without doing a major overhaul. You can even have rugs customized. The best part is you can always switch them up and have them moved to other parts of your home.

Smartly Putting a Rug on Carpet


Placing rugs on top of carpets requires a textured layering. Looped or short-piled carpets look their best when used with thick shag rugs, as the thickness and softness both exude elegance and style. Woven rugs or low-profile Berbers can be used for plush carpets. An area rug on top of carpet like frieze is not a good idea, as the rug won’t be firmly supported by long-piled carpets.


The size of the rug must be relative to the surface area of the carpet. Very small rugs over carpeting that has a wide floor space don’t look luxurious, especially if they’re at the center. The rug can also touch furniture and it needs to be anchored so it doesn’t get bunched up and cause any hazards for tripping over. Remember, just like how long to dry carpets, bigger rugs take more time to dry.


Colors need to be complementary. Avoid putting a rug on carpet that has a clashing color; you don’t want your rug and carpet to appear mismatched. As much as you’d like to place an area rug over carpet to add a pop of color, think things through. This is just going back to the question, “Should I get a rug if I have carpet?”, as you might just be better of not doing so if you’ll just ruin the decent color of the carpet.

Rugs Over Carpeting


Using too many patterns when placing an area rug over carpet can ruin the visual layout of what you have in mind. A patterned rug can complement a plain broadloom, while a plain one works for a printed or cut carpet.

Can you put a rug on carpet? Yes, and you can ditch the guidelines if you’d like to be more creative and fashion-forward in your choices for rugs and carpeting. After all, it’s your home. Feel free to dabble in interior designing, as steam cleaning carpets with molds can get tedious especially when cleaning carpets stained by milk.

Is a Rug the Right Choice for You?

If you are trying to keep your carpet clean, then getting a rug to protect it may be the right choice for you. The potential of having bacteria build up on your carpet could be avoided with the rug on your carpet. So will you be purchasing that new rug to cover your carpet and accent your room? If so, make sure to get a carpet brush to keep your rug clean on a daily basis.

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