How can you protect carpet from dog urine? There are several ways you can apply to protect the carpet against urine. If you have pets, then you can start by purchasing a carpet which can resist stains developed due to exposure to pet urine. There are several materials in the market which can resist the stains. There are also several other ways you can apply to protect your carpet against pet urine. Common methods you can apply include the following:

Protect Carpet from Dog Urine

Non-Stain Urine Guard

If you have a carpet which is old, you can protect it against pet urine through a protective spray. You can have the protective guard in place and apply in areas where your pet likes to go to the bathroom. The spray/guard will help the urine not soak the carpet or stain it.


Clean Pet Urine Regularly

Pets will keep on urinating on the carpet from time to time if you have not trained them well to prevent stains from forming, you need to act fast and remove the stains as soon as they start developing on the carpet. For example, after you notice the pet has urinated on the carpet, you need to take a paper towel and clean the urine. The absorbent paper towel will absorb the urine and prevent it from forming hard stains. You can as well have a cleaning agent handy so that you can swing into action immediately the pet has messed on the floor.


Trim the Pet NailsProtect Carpet from Dog Urine

When the nails of your pet are not trimmed, the pet will keep on damaging the floor. You may have noticed your pet will keep on running on the floor with excitement. It is a way of exercising which you should not discourage the pet. In order to ensure your expensive carpet is protected, you need to ensure the nails of your pet are trimmed into size so that you can avoid cases where they will damage the floor.


Use Hardwood or Tile Entrance

After you have been walking your dog in a rainy day, the pet will return home with a lot of mud. In order to avoid the mud from spreading onto your carpet, you need to have a tile entrance with a mat spread on it so that the pet can walk on the hardwood or tile fast and clean the feet on the mat before it can head to the rest of the rooms where you have spread the carpet.


Vacuum Twice Per Week

In order to prevent dirt build up, you need to vacuum at least twice each week. The vacuuming will get rid of pet fur among other dirt. Use of a carpet powder can as well protect the carpet from pet damage. You should as well stream clean once each month to ensure the carpet is always clean.


In Conclusion

How can you protect carpet from dog urine? The above are simple tricks you can apply to maintain a clean carpet in a home with a dog. The tips will help keep your carpet looking new and like a pet-free home.

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