Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally at least once every two years. While you may have to clean your carpets more often if you have pets, a high amount of traffic, asthma or allergies; or if you live near an airport, busy freeways or construction sites, you can always rely on carpet cleaning experts to advise you on how often you should have your carpets cleaned. And once the carpets are cleaned, many homeowners want to know what they should do to maintain the results of the carpet cleaning. Here are a few post carpet cleaning instructions to keep in mind.

Post Carpet Cleaning Instructions

Post Carpet Cleaning Instructions

Carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year. To ensure the best results, follow these tips after the carpet cleaning process.

Keep Off the Carpet

Once your carpet has been cleaned, it’s crucial to keep off the carpet for at least two to four hours. You want to avoid walking on the carpet as doing so may flatten the fibers and increase the carpet’s drying time. If you must walk on the carpet before it dries completely, be sure to wear clean white socks.

Speed Up the Drying Process with Warm Air

Use warm air to speed up the carpet drying time. If it’s cold outside, consider pointing a fan downward toward the carpet or turning up the heat in the room. If your carpets have been cleaned on a warm day, open the windows, turn the AC off, and switch on any floor/ceiling fans. Doing so will help to reduce the drying time significantly. Rapid air movement helps to create rapid evaporation.

Use a Carpet Protector

Carpet cleaning experts recommend applying a carpet cleaning protector to the carpet after it has been professionally cleaned. The protector will go a long way in helping to prevent dirt and stains from penetrating and sticking to the carpet, extending the time between professional cleanings. Once you’ve applied a carpet protection product, give the product ample time to cure by minimizing traffic for 24 hours. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly once the carpet has dried completely and the carpet protector has also dried.

Regular Maintenance

There are several measures you can take in between professional carpet cleanings to keep your carpets clean and prevent future stains.

Vacuum Often

It’s important to regularly vacuum your carpets to remove allergens, accumulated dirt and grime. Allowing dirt and debris to stay on the carpet pushes it further into the carpet fibers, making it more difficult to remove. Vacuum your carpets regularly to prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the carpet.

Clean Spills and Stains as Soon as Possible

Over time, stains and spots will inevitably occur between professional carpet cleanings. To get rid of these stains completely, deal with stains and spills as soon as possible. Consider using homemade cleaning solutions or invest in a special spot treatment to keep your carpet clean and free of spots in between professional cleanings.

Bottom Line

With these post carpet cleaning instructions, your carpets should be cleaner for longer between professional cleaning services.

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