Dog urine odor can be easily noticed. Even if you use an air freshener frequently, you might not be able to impress your guests. You will have to clean it up immediately.  At the same time, you will have to take some extra measures to get rid of that odor completely. You might spend a few hours on the internet to know how to remove dog urine odor from tile floors. You will find many methods as well. In fact, the availability of many options might confuse you. When you are looking for a quick solution, you will certainly like to try the one that is proven to be effective.  Here is a proven solution to get rid of dog urine odor instantly. 

How to Remove Dog Urine Odor from Tile Floors

Just like you want to know how to protect carpet from pets, it’s important to know how to clean tile too. You will need several paper towels to start with. Get the towels and place them on the urine spot. Use gloves to press the paper towels to soak the urine. If you do not want to use your hand, you can use your shoe to press the towel to soak your dog urine. You might need to repeat the process a few times until the spot is completely dry. Every time, you will need clean and fresh paper towels to avoid more spreading. With new towels, it will ensure better absorption and will prevent the spreading as well. 

Odor Removing SolutionHow to Remove Dog Urine Odor from Tile Floors

Once the area is dried up thoroughly, now the time is to remove the odor. For this, you will need a homemade solution for tile flooring. You will have to prepare the solution with equal parts of the water and white distilled vinegar. Mix the solution well in a bowl or bottle and then pour it onto your floor. Allow the solution to sit on the floor, especially on the urine stain for about ten minutes. 

After the 10 minutes, get a mop, paper towel, or clean sponge to mop up the solution. Now you need to wash the floor with clean water thoroughly. Proper cleaning with water is important to get rid of the odor completely. Once the cleaning is done, you need to throw all the paper towels in the outside trash instead of putting them in the kitchen trash bin. If you drop them in the kitchen trash bin, your bin will start to stink. 

Ingredients to Clean Dog Urine

You will need a few ingredients. In fact, most of them are available in your home. For cleaning your dog urine odor, you will need gloves, paper towels, water, vinegar, and a mop or sponge.  The vinegar and water solution will work exceptionally well when used to clean the stain immediately. If you use vinegar directly, it might damage the grout.

In Conclusion

You should now know the answer for how to remove dog urine odor from tile floors. It is easy and less time-consuming. You just need to follow the right process. Make sure that you are cleaning it immediately to get a more effective result.

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