As time goes by, your carpet can start getting loose and lumpy. It starts showing wrinkles and lacks smoothness. The wrinkles are dangerous because you can trip on them, but also, they can cause your carpet to age faster. To ensure there are no accidents and prolong your carpet’s life, it needs to be stretched. This easy fix will eliminate the need to replace your carpet. When it comes to restretching, you can either go DIY or hire an expert to do it. Let’s discuss what causes this and how to fix carpet wrinkles.

Some of the things that can cause wrinkles on your carpet are continuous sliding of furniture, wear from constant use, installing the carpet poorly, and fixing the carpet using an unsuitable padding. Therefore, if you can avoid these things, you’ll prevent your carpet from having wrinkles.

How to Fix Carpet Wrinkles

Items you will need: A knee kicker, a carpet stretcher, a blade knife, staple gun, hammer, awl, and stair tool.How to Fix Carpet Wrinkles

The first step in getting rid of your carpet wrinkles is removing any furniture from the room. Even though you can work around some furniture, removing them will make the work a whole lot easier for you. After removing the furniture, evaluate the situation and know the direction towards which you’ll be pulling the carpet. Check to see if there are metal strips fixed on the carpet and carefully extract them. Then, using the awl, lift up the carpet’s edge. Move to the room’s corner and punch the awl on the carpet, about six inches from the room’s wall. This will help you lift the carpet up. Use pliers if you don’t have access to an awl.

The next step is using a carpet stretcher. Set carpet stretcher in a way such that its front part is positioned a short distance from the wall you’re pulling towards. A carpet stretcher is a robust tool that can tear your precious investment, so pull cautiously to remove the wrinkles only. Excessive stretching will end up doing more harm than good. Use the knee kicker to perform small corrections. Use the carpet knife in a way that it can be tucked between the tacking strip and the wall easily.

Before you move to another area, install the carpet onto the nails sticking up the tacking strip. As you move from area to another, stretch, cut, tack and tuck the carpet. By the time you will be finishing, you will have a seamless carpet with no wrinkles. As a bonus, while working on your carpet you can use some stain remover to make your carpet look entirely new.

Bottom Line

If you want to have a carpet that looks excellent, it is a must to know how to fix carpet wrinkles. A carpet is a huge investment and can last for many years if taken care of properly. Stretch and clean your carpet, get rid of wrinkles and your home will look great.

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