Dry carpet cleaning involves using specialized compounds to clean your carpets and other surfaces with no or almost no moisture. Dry cleaning results in the removal of pollen, allergens, grit, sand, stains and dirt from your carpet. Here are a few tips on how to dry clean carpet at home.

How to Dry Clean Carpet at Home

Dry cleaning your carpet at home often involves the application of one or two sprays of dry-cleaning powder or foam. You’ll then brush the cleaning powder into the carpet, give it some time to work before thoroughly vacuuming the carpet.

Why Dry Clean Your Carpet?

How to Dry Clean Carpet at Home

This carpet cleaning method leaves your carpet clean and dry and ready to be used right away. If you have pets and kids, shampooing or steam cleaning can be hectic due to the moisture levels left in your carpet that require longer drying periods before putting back your furniture. The drying time may be as long as a day or more and may lead to additional problems if the carpet is placed on wooden flooring.

There is a broad range of dry-cleaning products on the market for dry cleaning at home. Such products will usually contain several items that must be used according to instructions on the label or manual. As such, be sure to read the instructions before starting to clean.

Homemade Dry Carpet Cleaner

For when you don’t feel like shampooing the carpet, you can make a rather simple dry carpet cleaner by mixing 2 cups of cornmeal and 1 cup of borax. This is a rather popular combo for cleaning carpets, as it’s effective at eliminating odors. You can also use vinegar and baking soda if there are pet stains you need to eliminate. Also, essential oils can be added to your dry carpet cleaners to add a fresh clean scent to your carpets.

Bottom Line

With those simple tips on how to dry clean carpet at home, you should be able to maintain a clean and fresh carpet in between professional cleanings. The methods mentioned are very popular for dry cleaning carpets at home, but there are plenty more. You can always tweak your DIY dry carpet cleaning solution to see what works best in your home.

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