Before learning how to clean carpet underlay, you need to know the materials required. The carpet cushion, as it is sometimes referred to, is made from urethane, flat rubber or foam. The function of the underlay is to protect the carpet from premature wear & tear and make the carpet more comfortable. Other carpet padding is meant act as sound insulators and moisture and heat barriers. They prevent moisture from coming into the home through the floor. 

How to Clean Carpet Underlay

How to Clean Carpet Underlay

There are cleaning methods that work regardless of the materials used to make the carpet underlay, and several steps can be taken to achieve the best possible results. Items required include a vacuum cleaner, industrial fan, oxygen bleach, clean cloth, dehumidifier and rubber gloves.  There are also cleaning agents that are gentler on the carpet underlay and eco-friendly. 

Remove the Carpet

Before cleaning the underlay, remove the carpet and clean it. This will prevent any dirt from getting back onto the clean underlay when putting the carpet back in place. If the carpet is damaged, have it replaced to avoid any accidents. If it is water-damaged, you need to consider it a health hazard.

Removal of Loose Dirt and Debris

Vacuuming the underlay expels all debris and loose dirt from its surface. Using a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter will help prevent the dirt from blowing into the air. Remember to vacuum under furniture and edges as these spaces are often left out. The purpose of removing the loose dirt is to make work easier as the muddy solution formed when the dirt gets wet will cause an unnecessary mess.

Cleaning the Underlay

Once the underlay is free from all loose particles, go to the next step. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the oxygen bleach that is going to be used. Dip the clean cloth in the oxygen bleach and water solution and make sure it is generously soaked. Wring the cloth until it is damp. Dab over visible stains that may have passed through the surface carpet-tea, coffee or even the urine from a pet

Drying the Carpet Underlay

After you have evenly cleaned the underlay, place an industrial fan and a dehumidifier in the room and wait for it to dry. Any damaged carpet underlay should be removed and replaced. If the carpet underlay has mold, mildew or any other sign of water damage, remove it immediately. A damaged underlay is not only a health hazard but can also destroy your surface carpet and floor. 

In Conclusion

Learning how to clean carpet underlay is easy, but there are some things to avoid.  Do not use a very wet cloth; a damp cloth is meant to ensure that the bleach will only remove the stains and nothing more. Using a wet cloth may also mean more time is needed to dry the carpet underlay. If not properly dried, the underlay can be damaged by mold and mildew. Avoid using bleach directly on the carpet underlay and do not spread the bleach around it. 

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