A lot of people wonder how long to let carpet dry after cleaning. It is a question whose answer is not cast on stone. Various factors affect how long your carpet takes to dry. Therefore, it could be a few hours, a day or even longer. 

How Long to Let Carpet Dry After Cleaning?

This post will tell you how long you should leave your carpet to dry. You will also know why some carpets will take longer than others. Finally, you will get a round of tips to help your carpet dry fast. 

Why Your Carpet May Take Longer to Dry

  • Humidity

Nobody has control over weather elements. Humidity will affect how long your carpet will take to dry. You see, water must evaporate from the carpet for it to dry. Less humidity means fast evaporation. Therefore, it will take a short time for the carpet to dry. High humidity will slow the rate of evaporation, and the rate of evaporation takes a dip. Consequently, you will need a longer duration before your carpet dries.

  • The Washing Experience of Your Professional Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are not equal. Some are better than others. Someone who has been cleaning carpets for a long time knows exactly what to do for fast drying. For instance, they will leave the carpet with the least amount of water. An amateur does not know the first rule about carpet drying. They may leave them with a lot of water that will, in turn, increase the drying period. 

  • Cleaning Method                                                                    

A professional carpet cleaner will look at your piece and immediately know the best cleaning method to use depending on if your carpet smells like dog pee or is stained with some of the worst stains. There are several carpet cleaning methods, and some will do a great job, while others are not so good. The method used has a bearing to the drying duration of your carpet. For instance, using hot steam will leave less water in the carpet fabric than shampoo cleaning. It is the steam method that will make sure you will not wait longer for your carpet to dry and for your carpet to not be smelly after cleaning

Professional Tips for Fast Drying of Your Carpet

  • Have your carpet cleaned more often: Letting your carpet gather dirt and debris for a long time means it will take longer to clean. Equally, you will need a lot of water to remove all the dirt. In the end, your carpet drying will take longer than you expected.
  • Blow drying can hasten the drying process: Talk to your professional cleaner to use a fan or a blow dryer to accelerate your carpet’s drying duration.
  • Leave a few windows open: Let in the air to drive out the carpet moisture. Open two or more windows on opposite sides to allow free airflow.
  • Leave your AC running: On cold days, opening the windows is not a good idea. Instead, let your ac run for some time. It will help your carpet dry fast. 

Bottom Line

Now you know how long to let carpet dry after cleaning. You also know the factors that will affect the drying rate and to make your carpet soft after cleaning. Go ahead and make sure your carpet does not take forever to dry. 


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