No matter what type of carpet you have in your house, regular cleaning is a must in order to maintain the appearance and quality of your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning also prolongs the lifespan of your carpet and keeps your home clean and free from disease-causing organisms such as bacteria. One of the more effective methods to clean carpet is with steam cleaning. So, how does a steam cleaner work on carpet?

How Does a Steam Cleaner Work on Carpet

How Does a Steam Cleaner Work on Carpet

There are several methods used by homeowners and commercial carpet cleaners to clean carpets. Of all these methods, steam cleaning is regarded as the most effective and environment-friendly.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, involves the injecting vaporized water (known as steam) into your carpets and rugs under high pressure and then extracting it out.

First, water is heated to above the boiling point to produce steam which is then applied with a powerful machine that resembles a vacuum cleaner. Once the heated water is injected into the fibers of your carpet or rug, brushes are used to scrub, agitate, and loosen the stains or dirt which are then lifted by powerful vacuum suction.

The Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

As mentioned above, steam cleaning uses the power of vapor to sanitize, clean, decontaminate and disinfect almost all surfaces fast and effectively. It can be used for domestic cleaning of carpets and even in industrial areas to remove dirt and grease from engines.

1. Chemical-free Cleaning

Vapor steam cleaner is the preferred tool for carpet steam cleaning, especially in hypoallergenic environments. Steam cleaners don’t require additional cleaning chemicals to clean your carpet. The only thing needed is water which makes more environmentally friendly than other methods. Not only does this method eliminate organic and inorganic residues, making your home safe and healthy, but it also protects the environment from the harmful effects of harsh cleaning solutions.

2. Effective Cleaning

Steam cleaning offers a new level of cleaning of carpets effectively. No more hard scrubbing and scraping as this machine completes the job in just a short time leaving your carpets spotless. With the high pressure of steam cleaner, it quickly and thoroughly eliminates all dust, stains, grime, mold, mildew, and microorganisms that are impossible to get rid of using conventional cleaning methods. This leaves your carpet sparkling clean and chemical-free.

3. Saves on Chemical Supplies

As stated above, steam cleaning doesn’t use chemicals to clean your carpet and rugs. It uses only tap water and converts it into powerful steam. This saves you from buying expensive carpet cleaning solutions.

4. Kills Dust Mites and other Allergens

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that affects many people. Dust mites are one of the major causes of this condition, and their feces or waste also causes many types of allergies. Steam cleaning penetrates the carpet fibers where these creatures hide and kills them. It also removes their wastes making your carpet allergen free.

In Conclusion

So, exactly how does a steam cleaner work on carpet? Steam cleaning is an extremely quick and effective way to remove those stubborn stains and dirt from your carpet to keep it looking sparkling clean. This methods also prolongs the life of your carpet while keeping your house clean and infection-free.

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