Cleaning is an integral part of our daily lives. Some of us might be very picky while choosing a powder or any liquid to clean the house with. This is typically due to all of the harsh chemicals that cleaning products are known to have. To safely clean your home, this article guides you with making a homemade no rinse floor cleaner, which is safe, effective and will be loved by all.

Homemade Floor Cleaner Mix –

To make the perfect homemade cleaner, use the following ingredients and mix them together –

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • Homemade No Rinse Floor Cleaner¼ cup rubbing alcohol
  • 3 drops liquid dish soap
  • 5 – 10 drops essential oils – This is totally optional and depends on the choice of the user. It is usually for the fragrance and the air quality.

Store this mix in a bottle and use only 1 small cup in a full bucket of water for mopping purposes. Memphis Clean states that you might also choose to store it in a spray bottle to clean clear surfaces like glass or tables.

Pros of Homemade Floor Cleaners

Most of us usually have all the ingredients needed to make our homemade floor cleaner, but not many of us were aware of that. These are some of the pros of making your own homemade floor cleaner mix:

The most important pro of making homemade cleaners at home, is that it is cost efficient. Moreover, the mix of those ingredients will make your house clean and shiny as one sees on the commercial advertisements.

It also doesn’t cause allergies. Since homemade cleaners are not made with any chemical substance, but is a mix of basic materials, the air quality of the house doesn’t degrade. Thus, no sneezing or weird smell after mopping.

Such homemade cleaners can clean any kind of floor. Be it laminate, wooden, marble, tiles, or even a concrete floor – this cleaner can shine anything.

Details on the Ingredients –

Let us now have a look in depth about the ingredients and why it would work like any commercial floor cleaners.

Water – Since we all know that water is the best soluble, and also the perfect cleaner for any kind of washing purposes.

White Vinegar – Vinegar acts as a disinfectant for any kind of germs. It also works as a stain remover and is an alternative of a base (soap) for cleaning oily surfaces.

Rubbing Alcohol – In simple terms, rubbing alcohol is a simple spirit that can be found anywhere. This product also helps in removing stains and easy evaporation from delicate floors.

Liquid Dish Soap – 2 drops of liquid dish soap is needed as some basic (soapy) element is needed within the mix.

Essential Oils – The essential oils helps in removing the smell of the vinegar and leaving the floor with a calming fragrance.

In Conclusion

Making a homemade no rinse floor cleaner is quite simple. You most likely already have all of the necessary ingredients in your kitchen. Be sure to use this recipe and follow these steps to have clean floors!

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