Are you looking for carpet cleaning hacks which can help in odor removal? There are several hacks you can apply to achieve great success in removing odor from your carpet. First, you need to determine the main cause of the dirt on your carpet before you proceed to apply the right solution in cleaning the carpet. For instance, if you prefer DIY solutions, then you need to go for solutions which have been proved to work well in helping you remove the hard stains and odor from your carpet. Learn some tricks to rid of the odor in your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Use baking soda to eliminate odor from pet droppings. If pets urinate in your carpet, you need to look for the right solution which you can apply to eliminate the bad odor. Application of baking soda solutions on the affected area plays a great role in eliminating the pet odor. You need to apply a reasonable amount of baking soda then blot the area to get rid of the bad odor. If your pet urinates on the affected area, there are high chances the pet will develop bad odor. You can easily manage the bad odor through application of the baking soda.

  • Apply alcohol to remove nail polish

If nail polish is making the carpet smell bad, then you should not worry because you can apply alcohol to remove the nail polish. Application of alcohol dissolves the nail polish solution after which you can easily wipe off. There are several other methods you can try to remove the bad odor and stubborn smell but it will be hectic, the alcohol solutions works very well.

  • Apply baking soda to freshen the carpetcarpet-cleaning-hacks-with-vinegar

There are different factors which can lead to bad odor on your carpet. For example, if your carpet traps moisture, it can end up developing bad smell. Carpet Police explains that you can easily tackle the bad smell if you can apply baking soda. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area and it will play a great role in helping you remove the bad odor. Baking soda has active ingredients which play a great role in removing the bad odor. You can apply it to remove the bad odor from the carpet easily.

  • Apply borax to carpet

If you have treated a bad smell from your carpet, you may still smell some traces of the bad smell or the effect of the detergent you applied to remove the bad smell. In such a case, you need to apply borax and it will play great role in removing the bad smell and even freshen up your carpet. There are different ingredients in borax and they are very effective in helping you achieve a fresh smelling carpet at home.

  • Apply vinegar to clean the carpet

If your carpet has developed hard stains and bad smell, you can easily deal with the problem through application of a vinegar solution. There are active ingredients in vinegar which can dissolve the hard stains and make your carpet look attractive.

The above are Carpet Cleaning hacks which you can try at home. They are very effective methods that can apply for carpet Odor removal.

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