You might have noticed some brown spots after carpet cleaning. These spots are more typically visible after a professional cleaning. Your carpets get these spots when water is not adequately extracted during the drying process. What you should keep in mind is that It does not mean that cleaners have used excessive water for carpet cleaning. Instead, they might have used the appropriate amount of hot water, but did not spend a lot of time extracting the water. These brown spots are the result of the water entering inside your carpet fibers. They carry the soil from your carpet padding and backing that ultimately cause browning.

What Are the Other Causes?

Another cause of the brown spots on the carpet is the wicking up of tannin stain from your carpet jute backing. If you have old carpets, then there is a possibility that they have jute backing. This type of fiber is used to make macramé projects. Jute fiber is similar to vegetable fiber. Like other natural fibers such as bark, tea, and other plant fibers, this fiber is infused with the vegetable dyes known as the tannins. These tannins of jute fiber can rise above the carpet fibers when they dry your carpets while extracting water improperly.

When Spots Will Appear

Brown Spots After Carpet Cleaning

You will most likely not find brown stains right after the carpet cleaner leaves your home but you might see them appear a little bit afterwards. However, it is easy to remove these brown spots. In some cases, technicians will give a clean cotton towel and anti-brown solution to remove the brown spots.

How to Avoid Brown Spots After Carpet Cleaning

These brown spots will not appear if your carpet cleaning technician takes extra caution to extract all the water from your carpet during the drying process. Also, your carpet needs to be raked with a carpet rake. It will lift the carpet pile and will allow your carpet to dry faster. Carpet raking will leave your carpet fluffy without making it crushed and matted.

If you want to avoid brown spots on your cleaned carpets, then first, you will have to choose an experienced and reliable carpet cleaning service. Make sure that the cleaning service is well-trained to perform accordingly during the extra drying process. In addition, you will have to ensure that they are using the right tools for drying.

You get brown spots on your carpets since some cleaning services are not trained to perform the best drying process. They typically only focus more on the cleaning aspect. As the result, they leave carpets soaked. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tool for drying. To make it more effective, some cleaners use air movers on the room.

Bottom Line

Before hiring a carpet cleaner, you should inquire about the drying process. Make sure that there will not be brown spots after carpet cleaning. Ask them if they are using a truck mounted carpet cleaning process or not. A truck mounted system is more effective as it will have more airflow and lifts to remove water from your carpet. Also, ensure that they are using air-movers to speed up the drying process and prevent brown spots after. Even if you opt to shampoo your carpet yourself, you should be sure that your carpet is properly dried.

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