Add 1 Tablespoon white vinegar to a gallon of water. Use a white terry towel (for light carpet, dark towel for dark carpet).Immerse in water. Wring out most of the water. Set the rag onthe spot and weigh it down with something heavy. Turn thetowel over to the clean side. Rinse and repeat. This shouldremove both the odor and the stain.

Use a plain brown paper bag (with no writing on it) and lay itover the wax. Set your iron on the lowest setting. Iron over thepaper bag, changing to a clean spot on the bag each time. The wax will transfer to the paper. Presto! Clean carpet.Bonus Tip: This works on old carpet and any fabric too

Pour warm water onto a towel and blot to remove stains.Repeat if necessary.

Pour some club soda onto a towel. Blot the stain with the toweland blot some more. Repeat as needed. Rinse with clear water.Blot again. Note: If it doesn’t work call us right away. Red wineand grape juice both contain tannins, which can be difficult toremove.

A dab of WD-40 on a clean cloth should do it, if not, call us.Note: WD-40 should work for gum also.

Red wine can cause an unsightly stain on the carpet. It ispossible to remove the stain if you follow these tips. Believe itor not, having some white wine is handy for a stain like this.The rule of thumb is “never pour anything directly on a carpet.”Pour some white wine on a towel, then blot the red wine stain. Since you will now have a white wine stain instead of red, dampen a towel with warm water, and blot.

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